Private Airboatride Pick up within our Pickup zone

ab 450 $ 

Private Hotel pick up with Everglades specialist and pure action on a luxury airboat just for you! Drive deep into the Everglades on a private propeller boat and let yourself be looked after individually and hunt your alligator photo !!!!

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The approx. 60-minute propeller boat ride through the “River of Grass”, which we have chosen for you, is fast-paced. In the wild vegetation, past alligators, turtles, snakes and other wild animals, you have the chance of unforgettable experiences and unique photo opportunities!On the VIP tour, you will also be completely looked after by a tour guide on the boat.

We try to tailor the propeller boat trip to your individual needs. Whether you want to see a rare plant or just a giant alligator.
Our private airboat ride is the fastest in South Florida with up to 60 mph! Our tour starts when you are picked up. Our guide doesn't just speak German with you, he loves his job and will actively involve you in the design of this tour.It is important to us that no question remains unanswered! 

The Everglades have had to face new challenges over the years ... Be it urban development, drainage or the invasion of exotic species from the tropical rainforests of South America. We show you that the Everglades are really close to our hearts, which is why we have been actively involved in protecting the Everglades for years. On this tour we will show you how you can actively help.Historically, the Everglades in South Florida began in the coastal areas of what is now the South Florida Metropolitan Area and that's why our guides start talking about the Everglades as soon as they are picked up.On the way you will be intensively informed about the past, present and future of the Everglades and about the exotic flora and fauna, so that you are already real Everglades experts when you get off the bus.80% of the Everglades consist of the typical sawgrass fields with a gigantic total area of ​​5760 km 2 .You will experience the incredible biodiversity of this globally unique flora and fauna up close.

Hold a baby alligator in your hands and have yourself photographed for a souvenir photo.
In the souvenir shop you will find the right souvenir to take home.Before we go back, we will explain to you why the population of alligators has recovered through alligator farms.You can also use the return trip to discuss any unanswered questions or other interesting topics about the Everglades.


Approx. 3,5 hours


Check the map below to see if you are within the pickup area

( We will give you a meeting point if you are outside the pick-up area )

English speaking guide

With at least 10 years of  ‘in-field’ training


Printed / digital accepted

Adventure awaits

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your residence/hotel
  • Enjoy the ‘River of Gras’
  • Explore many of the 350 different species of birds
  • Past, present, and future of the Everglades
  • Experience the most famous part of the Everglades – the sawgrass fields
  • Search for bird and alligator nesting areas
  • Explore many seasonal tropical plant species
  • History of the ‘First People’ on the hammocks (Islands
  • A picture with a baby alligator in your Hands

Equipment & Gear

    • Outdoor-clothing
    • Match your clothing to the weather conditions
    • Sun lotion

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Included in your tour

  • take a picture of an Alligator
  • private 60-minute airboat ride
  • English-speaking Guide will accompany you on the airboat
  • visit and walk on two islands deep in the Everglades
  • history of the natives in the River of Grass
  • hold an alligator
  • small animal show on one island
  • history about hammocks

About your tour

Your unforgettable trip into the Everglades, the world’s most famous national park is about to take place! ‘Fast paced’ perfectly describes the 60-minute airboat ride through the ‘River of Gras’ that we hand selected for you.

On your trip into this incredibly beautiful natural habitat which is home to alligators, turtles, snakes and plenty of other wild animals you have the chance to make lifelong memories, take in what mother nature has to offer and take stunning pictures that your friends and family are going to cherish.



Since summer of 2017 you get more bang for your buck if you choose Banana Joe Tours. How is that possible? Our airboat ride takes twice as long (60 minutes) and is twice as fast (speeds of up to 49 mp/h) as the competitions.

On top of that our tour already begins with picking you up from your residence or hotel and our Everglades specialists don’t just give you a boring, pre-fabricated text for you to digest. No! Each and everyone of our specialists love their job and have nothing but admiration for the Everglades. None of your questions will be unanswered, meaning you’ll be actively included in this fantastic tour.

With the passage of the centuries the Everglades have constantly changed and had to face new challenges. Be it drying them out, constructional development, or the invasion of non-native plant and animal species from all over the world. We will show that we hold the Everglades very dear to our hearts, how we are actively involved in preserving this natural wonder of the world for future generations and how you can help and take action in preserving them as well.


On your drive to the park, you will be educated about the past, present and future of the Everglades as well as its densely rich flora and fauna and transform you into an Everglades specialist yourself.

The Everglades are a gigantic 7200 mi² wetlands preserve of which about 8-% consist of unique sawgrass fields. This is the best place for you to experience the incredible biodiversity of the Everglades’ unique Flora and Fauna!



Before we take you back to your hotel or residence, we explain how alligator farming has helped getting these beautiful animals off of the endangered species list and the drive back is your chance to ask all questions that haven’t been answered yet.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your unforgettable Everglades Tour with Banana Joe Tours and make memories that will last a lifetime!



Joe's Tipp

You’re coming from the airport or the cruise port? Our tours are perfectly combinable with out Transfer Service .

For Everglades lovers we highly recommend to also book our Everglades Safari Tour. Here we’re not just showing you the sawgrass fields, but the actual ‘Swamp’!